Furry-L Specialty Services 

Bringing the human pet experience to the greatest of your expectations!  Whether you like pony play...sissy play...or you're a human pup...we have just the treatment you've been searching for!


A company that cares about your special needs and wants


Here at Furry-L services, we aim to help you have the best time possible and allow you to reach your full potential as a human pet by providing services catered directly to your specialty lifestyle!


Helping you enjoy a pets luxurious life at home or at a convention...feeding, grooming, walking? Let us be the ones to allow you the freedom to be a pet completely!



Heather started this company with the vision of allowing a human pet to have the most realistic and enjoyable experience they can have. She has a vast knowledge and understanding of alternative lifestyles and aims to make you as happy as you can be without any fuss on your part.


Here at Furrly-l specialty services we understand that there are many aspects of being a pet with special needs.  Whether you want an escort to a convention or you just want to stay at home and be doted on like the wonderful pet you are...we know just what you crave and need!

Basic Hourly: $50 - includes all basic pet services ( excludes cleaning or removing of any human pet waste or soiled products )

* mileage limits may apply...4 hour minimum for any location outside of 60 miles.

Contact us to start playing and let us bring you to a whole new level!!


If you have any questions about the extent of our services or if you're ready to book us for some special time...fill out the form below and we'll get back to you same day!!